Anime Dress Up Ideas: Xmen, Superheroes From Comic Book

Making their debut in 1963, the Xmen are a group of superheroes straight from the comic book pages of Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and designed by Jack Kirby (especially the concepts of each Xmen costume)., these genetically mutated beings are known as much for their special powers as the anime dress up costume each wears. Not like your ordinary teenagers, the kids destined to be Xmen are trained at Dr. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters where they fully come into their latent talent cased by the mutated X-gene, learn how to channel that power for its best use, and morph into the designated Xmen costume.

Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler are all part of the team of trained superheroes on a mission with taking out the evil Magneto and his henchmen, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Showing up on the scene transformed by an Xmen costume, there will most likely be an action-packed showdown until justice prevails. You can get in on the action suited up in an Xmen anime dress up costume of your choice. Fitting men, women, children and toddlers, there is surely an X men costume to fit your tastes and temperaments. If the family dog shows signs of a mutated X-gene by showing a “super bark” or some other such supernatural power, then, by all means, get an Xmen costume for him too!

One of the most popular Xmen costumes is the enigmatic and rebel image portrayed by the oldest guy in the gang, Wolverine. Also known as Luke when in human form, this aloof and uber-cool bad boy (in the best sense) wears an x men anime consisting of a yellow and bright blue jumpsuit with a muscle-revealed chest. Of course, the signature feature of a Wolverine Xmen costume is the fierce fingernails (okay, retractable razor-sharp claws) that are a result of his rare metal alloy reinforce skeleton. With animal-like senses and ability to self-heal; this is one tough dude and a great choice for an Xmen costume.

Perfect for the angst-filled outsider, a Rogue Xmen costume captures the personality of this unique female superhero. Feeling cursed by her powers, Rogue has a sulky attitude because she soaks up all the feelings and powers of anyone she touches – all reflected in her anime dress up clothes.  Because this power could potentially kill her, Rogue has isolated herself from physical (and much emotional) contact with others. Typically, her Xmen costume features a green and yellow jumpsuit with a pair of fierce boots and her signature long hair that is streaked with grey at the face.

When Storm is around, the weather is at her whim. This female superhero brings the ability to channel the wild and turbulent powers of Mother Nature for her own use – typically to create an obstacle for any nemesis of the Xmen. Her Xmen costume capitalized on her electric personality with a black jumpsuit marked with a bolt of lighting. Her shock of snow-white hair, which can be achieved with a wig, is another signature piece of her Xmen dress up costume.

An Xmen costume that makes a huge impression is the Xmen costume of the mutant Beast. This ape-like superhero has remarkable strength and blue fur, fangs and animal-like instincts. While he looks terrifying to the enemy in his dress-up costume., the Xmen gang knows him to be a highly studied man of science, medicine, and math and to have a fun personality as well. Feeling some social rejection in his irremovable Xmen costume, the Beast also dedicates his life to the creation of a stereotype-free world.

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